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Our mission is to raise awareness about acid attacks in the UK. In recent years we have seen a concerning growth in attacks across the country. This issue needs to be tackled. The Liquid Weapon is a visual platform that educates and informs people about this growing issue. Please take time to explore this website and learn about how to help if you witness and attack or are victim to one yourself. 

This video shows the effects of One Shot drain cleaner when poured onto a cotton garment. Please note, this is filmed in real time and has not been sped up or had any special effects added in post production.

Currently, the UK has one of the highest record rates per capita for acid attacks in the world. According to the London Metropolitan Police, in 2016 corrosive substances were used in 454 crimes, compared to 261 in 2015. Contrary to common stigma, the most common use of acid is between white males, believed to be the new weapon of choice within gangs. The stories on this platform cover cases of domestic violence through to miss-identification. 


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