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"Religion is a faith, science is a fact, politics is an act... hate is a sickness."- Jabed

Jabed Hussain was attacked on the 13th July 2017. Working as an UberEats driver to support his family, Jabed was delivering an order in East London when he was attacked. Two men on a moped pulled alongside him at the traffic lights and threw acid at him. That day five acid attacks took place within a three-mile radius, Jabed was their first victim. 

The acid began to burn his face, Jabed was desperate for some help. He contacted a group he is part of on WhatsApp called the 'Workers Union'. Once alerted of the attack the union came to Jabed's assistance, arriving quicker than the police. 

After being taken to hospital, Jabed had to endure a seven hour wait for treatment due to the volume of people being treated that day. This raises other issues about the health care system when attending to acid attacks. Once he was finally seen to, Doctors worked to rinse Jabed of the acid on his skin, he was doused in litres upon litres of water. During Jabed's treatment, the hospital staff realised he'd accidentally ingested some of the water containing diluted acid. Jabed's insides began to burn, causing horrific pain. The extent of the damages that acid causes does not seem to end.

This is the seat of Jabed's moped. You can see how the acid has dissolved the material.

Although Jabed has not been permanently scarred, the attack has left him fearing for his life and the safety of his family. He has lived in London for twenty years, never has he been scared until now. His attacker, Derryck John, was just 17. Gangs enlist young members to help with these horrific crimes due to the minimal time they receive behind bars due to their age. Derryck has now received a jail sentence of ten and a half years on account of six acid attacks, two of which include robbery. Dividing that up, Derryck received just over one and a half years behind bars for each acid attack. If that doesn't put into perspective how corrupt our legal system is, I don't know what will. When he is released in 10 years, he will be free to recommit, he will be 27. Jabed says "there are a lot of victims, they can't come out of their homes, but he can". It was brought to Jabed's attention that after the attacks happened, a gang of around 50 riders paraded round London on mopeds as, what he described of as, a 'lap of honor' to celebrate their victory. 

This video is the aftermath of Jabed's attack. Police are using 5 litre bottles of water to wash his eyes, face and body. 

In the past, Jabed has received numerous racial driven attacks, both verbal and physical. Jabed has now been living in the UK for over 20 years. He says "this is my country; this is my home". Since the attack Jabed has been scared to step outside his house in fear of being attacked again, receiving threats over the phone. This is all because he is campaigning for change, for a safer environment to raise his 3-year-old daughter. Jabed is now having to live life in fear of the unknown. 

Since the attack, Jabed hasn't ridden his moped. It has remained chained up behind his flat. The attack has severely affected Jabed's mental health. Paranoid of another attack, he lives in fear with his wife and young daughter. However, he continues to campaign for his rights and those of the delivery driver community. Jabed shouldn't have to fear for their safety every time he leaves the house. When he is required to go somewhere, he will run to his car, locking the doors once he is in. With his attack, Jabed feels it raised many more issues about the way delivery drivers are treated. Drivers safety is not deemed as a priority. Drivers no longer feel safe whilst doing their job with the spike in gang related crimes and robberies of moped.

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