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Joanne Rand from High Wycombe, has died following a serious acid attack altercation. On June the 3rd, the 47-year-old nurse was returning from visiting her daughter's grave when she got caught up in dispute between two males. Xeneral Imiuru Webster, aged 19, was carrying a bottle of sulfuric acid when the dispute was taking place. Amongst the commotion, the unsealed bottle of acid was knocked out of Webster's hands, consequently covering Rand's legs and arms who was sat just a few mere meters away.

According to Alison Hunter, QC, who analysed the CCTV tapes in great detail, Webster threatened: 'This is acid' before having the bottle knocked out of his hands. Upon contact with Rand's skin the acid immediately began to cause agonising damage. She sprinted to the nearest KFC where she swilled the burn with water in an attempt to lower the pain and lessen the spread of the acid. Allegedly the area affected advanced to 4/5% of her body before she reached Stoke Mandeville Hospital where she was treated.

She was discharged from hospital where it was assumed that her recovery would ensue. Yet her health deteriorated when one of her wounds became extremely infected and so she was readmitted to hospital. Only eleven days after the attack, Rand died from sepsis as the wound continued to worsen. Webster was arrested and charged with murder on the 26th of October 2017.

Adrian Foster, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution service has highlighted how much of an effect that the combination of drugs, weapons and violence can truly impact lives.

He states: "Webster was responsible for the death of Joanne and had he not planned to hurt the intended victim, Joanne would still be alive." Additionally, he agrees that the intended victim 'acted reasonably' in the way he reacted to deflecting the attack.

Nick Glister, Detective Chief Inspector of the Thames Valley Police reinstates the cruel nature of acid attacks in a recent comment where he says: "Acid attacks are horrific. Their consequences devastate lives. I hope this case is a pertinent reminder to anyone considering carrying this dangerous substance."

Webster has built up an unlawful notoriety over time having pleaded guilty on multiple counts made against him including: carrying offensive weaponry, making threats to kill, damage to property and affray. Previous incidents also include: robbery and grievous bodily harm. Webster has since been remanded in custody and is set to appear in court where he will receive sentencing.

Written by William Candelent

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